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Sex Toys In Thailand: When you talk about sex toys in Thailand, you mean some high-quality erotic pieces of stuff. Although there are so many places where you will find adult products, Thailand is a special destination where you will get both variety and quality. So, for a sex toy buyer, this would always remain one of the best places to meet his/her erotic expectations.
People in Thailand are mostly into merrymaking. The country has such colorful cities that people from overseas prefer visiting here every year. Having loaded with passion, fun, and warmth, this country is known for its open-mindedness towards accepting sex toys for strengthening physical relationships.

Meet Thailandsextoy – The Online Store Making News in Thailand

Thailandsextoy is an adult toy store in Thailand that has come into existence a couple of years back. The response has been quite impressive since its day of inception. Now, Thailandsextoy draws customers not only from big cities but also takes orders from remote locations throughout Thailand.
Men, women, and couples would come across the trendiest collection of adult toys and accessories. One can be anywhere in Thailand and still shop right from his/her home through a laptop or a smartphone.

Can Everyone Do Online Shopping from Thailandsextoy?

Yes, it is true that anyone, be it a man, woman, or a couple can shop for sex toys in Thailand from However, the individual must be minimum 18 years of age or above.

Toys for Single and Married Men

Thailandsextoy is aware of everything a man wants on being single. Keeping in mind his loneliness and desperation to meet his physical thirst, it has brought different types of sex toys for males like masturbators and silicone love dolls.
On the other hand, men who are married can also shop here for toys that would make their sex life better. Delay sprays, cock rings, and many other products like these are available here.
Even men who are not happy with their genital size and wish to grow them bigger will find here enlargement creams and penis sleeves as well. In other words, Thailandsextoy has all types of male sex toys in Thailand for diverse circumstances.

Toys for Single and Married Women

Just like Thailandsextoy cares for men, it has equal concern for the world of women. For girls who are single and who want to enjoy their loneliness and test their inner passion, there are new-age vibrating dildos and even non-vibrators along with vibrating massagers and more among the women sex toys in Thailand.
Women who are married and have male or female partners can go for vibrating massagers, vibrating panties, nipple vibrators, etc. among the sex toys for females.
Among the female sex toys in Thailand, there are also needy products like silicone breast prosthesis, breast enlargement creams, sex kits, and others. So, women and young girls are sure to get spoilt for choice with the exclusive collection available here.

Toys for Couples

Thailandsextoy also preserves a fantastic range of sex toys for those couples who want to explore each other’s erotic desires. Among these toys, there are anal dildos, strap-on, BDSM toys, toy cleaners, and more.
The sex toys in Thailand for couples here are all designed to make them comfortable and eliminate all differences towards one another. Thailandsextoy is strictly aimed at maintaining sexual wellness and not any business intention. Therefore, this online sex toys store in Thailand advises all its users to use the toys individually and not with any outsiders.

How will I Place an Order at Thailandsextoy?

Shopping online at Thailandsextoy is very easy. All it needs is just a few clicks and your order gets placed. It can be done through the store or by phone, whichever seems convenient.

Now, let’s find these ways in detail through which you can buy sex toys from Thailandsextoy:

Click and Order

Thailandsextoy brings the most hassle-free shopping procedure for buyers to shop from the store itself. A few steps required to be followed starting from choosing a product, adding it to the cart, and then proceeding towards payment by filling up some relevant details. This ordering process is not at all complicated and rather quite convenient with a few clicks.


Call and Order

This procedure is straight and simple as it requires calling up the customer care department for placing an order at Thailandsextoy. On dialing the contact number provided on the website, the buyer would be connected to a customer care executive who would require some details to proceed. Once these details are verified, the order request would be processed.

Buy Sex Toys in Bangkok from

Good news for people who want to buy online sex toys in Bangkok. For this, you can always request order and it would be delivered to you anywhere in Bangkok.
This is a huge advantage for the buyers who will not have to wander in the city for a store. Instead, one can visit Thailandsextoy and place an order with the help of a few clicks.

Can I Buy Sex Toys in Other cities through Thailandsextoy?

Thailandsextoy not only lets sex toy buyers shop from Bangkok but also offers the same facility for everyone in other cities throughout Thailand. Let’s find out:

Sex Toys In Bangkok

Bangkok came up with surprising figures, especially with 64% of couples showing enthusiasm towards buying a strap-on.( Buy sex toys in Bangkok )
Besides, the sales figures for app control vibrators were also on the rise in the last 6 months in 2020.


Sex Toys In Pattaya

The demand for sex toys in Pattaya needs no mention. According to Thailandsextoy, around 67% of men have been reported to place orders for male strokers and silicone dolls.
On the other hand, around 48% of women in Pattaya asked for vibrating dildos and other solo toys. Even 43% of couples showed interest in buying anal dildos and strap-on.


Sex Toys In Phuket

Among the Thai cities, Phuket to counts among the highest-selling locations for adult products. As per the sales report, BDSM products like chastity lock and sex swings received a great response from newly married couples.
Single men in good numbers ordered for spider sower masturbators while girls aged between 25 and 30 showed interest for rabbit vibrators, pussy pumps, and vibrating panty.


Sex Toys In Chonburi

A fair percentage of women from Chon Buri asked more for lubricants and gels among the sex toys in Chonburi.
The queries for delay sprays were also quite noticeable among men. Even orders for penis sleeves were on the higher side.


Sex Toys In Nonthaburi

In the list of cities in Thailand, Nonthaburi came up with a lot of young sex toy buyers looking for new vibrators and masturbators as well.
Apart from these places, Thailandsextoy takes orders from other cities throughout the country. So, in whichever city you are in Thailand, you will be able to order sex toys in Thailand online from this online adult toy shop.


What Type of Sex Toys Can I Buy from Thailandsextoy?

The most fantastic thing about online shopping at Thailandsextoy is it presents you with a huge collection which you will find it difficult to get at a local store. Once you enter this online store, it would be easier for you to browse through various categories and subcategories and thereafter shop for sex toys in Thailand.

So, here is the classification of products displayed at Thailandsextoy that would make it an effortless job for you to shop and order. Have a look:


Female Sex Toys in Thailand

The ‘For Her’ category will take you to shop for various sex toys, accessories, and needs for women. Under this category, women will find all sorts of erotic products to regain momentum in their sex life. Hence, it has been divided into the following sections:


Sex Toys in Thailand for Girls

This subcategory makes it clear that girls would find here various types of women sex toys in Thailand. Starting from vibrating and non-vibrating dildos to sex machines and vibrating underwear, women would find here everything to stay sexually contented.


Accessories for Girls

Among the accessories for girls, one would love shopping here for products like nipple vibrator, silicone breast prosthesis, breast silicone bra and pad, steel ring, and more.

Needs for Girls

Women who are keen to meet their sexual needs ( Need products for Girls )will find this subcategory useful. Here one would find pussy pumps, breast enlargement creams, artificial hymen, etc.

Male Sex Toys in Thailand

Here comes the most amazing sex toy shopping platform for men. Thailandsextoy includes this category that would bring diverse erotic toys and accessories to men. Also, there are needy sex products that would play a key role in making men regain happiness in bed.

Sex Toys in Thailand for Boys

In this subcategory, there will be some fresh erotic sex toys for men. Some popular picks would be Super Girl, inflatable love dolls, spider sower masturbators, male strokers, big artificial vagina, and more.

Needs for Boys

Growing the male penis size or achieving erection in a quick time will no more be a distant thing for men ( Needs products for men ). Products like cock ring, penis enlargement cream, penis sleeve, boys sex kit, etc. will make men more confident in bed.


Couple Sex Toys in Thailand

Couples are sure to go elated with the eye-catching collection of Couple sex toys here at Thailandsextoy. Whether it is trying a new experiment in bed or enjoying the foreplay more intensely, couples would find here all sorts of sex toys to double the fun and frolic.
Among the couple sex toys in Thailand, partners would find top-quality anal dildos, strap-on, butt plugs, toy cleaners, etc. The anal beads would also be a striking addition to their collection of anal sex toys. All these couple sex toys in Thailand are worth playing and would assure good times every night.

Party Sex Toys in Thailand

If you had always wanted to party hard with an erotic mindset taking your partner along, the party toys here would not leave you disappointed. These party sex toys in Thailand include bondage sex toys like chastity lock devices, sex swing, mouth ball gag, leather whip, and more.
Here is not the end because one would also get to shop for male and female pheromone attractants under this category. The specialty of these sprays is that these give out such erotic fragrances that one would be compelled to draw to his/her partner.
Also, there would be perfumed candles and lighters. These would be great for setting up a perfect erotically aromatic ambiance.

Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Thailand

There is nothing like going herbal when it comes to enjoying your sex life. Thailandsextoy brings a stunning range of lube and herbal products for one and all. Since these products come with natural compositions, users will experience an unmatched sexual power like never before.
Men, for instance, would find desensitizers that would delay their time of intercourse. The water-based gels or the Thai herbal massage oil will result in some impactful sex massages. The arousal creams and gels are also some noteworthy picks in this category. Even the sexual coffee enhancers and sex drops among the herbal sex toys in Thailand would make users strengthen their libido.


Long Distance Sex Toys in Thailand

Unlike any category, this is indeed an eye-catching one since here couples keeping long-distance relations will find app control vibrators. These smartphone-based bullet vibrators need Bluetooth to connect two people for some naughtiness.

These vibrating sex toys in Thailand can induce quality foreplay session but from two separate places. Well, these modern vibrators are in huge demand in multiple cities in Thailand.


Some Distinctive Adult Products at Thailandsextoy

We believe here at Thailandsextoy that one must never complain about his/her sex life. In other words, there should not be any monotony prevailing, or otherwise, things would get a lot complicated.
Therefore, we have brought some popular sex toys that brought outstanding sales figures in recent times. The feedback and testimonials were quite convincing against these products. So, we would like to present to you those products that might inspire you to lead a happy sex life once again:



Who said lesbians only live on strap-on? A lot of couples who are tired of the conventional missionary style will love going for this product.
Thailandsextoy brings a fabulous collection to stun all couples. Just wear it properly around the waist and have a blast.


G-spot Vibrator

A lot of girls say they feel on top of the world when their G-spot gets a tickling. So, this G-spot vibrator would be icing on the cake since it has been designed to stimulate the G-spot safely, making women crazy for orgasm.
Just make sure to clean the vibrator before and after the performance. Since G-spot is a very sensitive spot, these vibrators must be properly cleaned before and after penetrating.


Spider Sower Masturbator

Here comes a new twist to the world of masturbators. Thailandsextoy brings the spider sower masturbator, which looks so innovative and tempting for men. It has a soft-skin realistic vagina that would give one real pleasure to stroke a pussy in reality.
These male masturbating sex toys in Thailand eliminate the use of hands and offer a perfect grip. Being torch-shaped, a spider sower masturbator is a smart alternative to a typical hand-job.


Electro Sex toys

Electricity will now be symbolized with lust and love. Being a sensational gadget combining passion and electricity, the electro sex toys will now give women a pure electrifying experience of achieving orgasm.
First-time users must, however, be careful while using this gadget. It is better to watch a demo before getting to start. Once you know how to use it, the experience will be unmatched.


Fun Vibrator

Why so serious while having sex? Have you ever asked this to your partner? Bring home a fun vibrator and make your intimate sessions thoroughly amusing. These vibrators come in shapes of either fruits or daily used objects.
There are banana vibrators or hammer vibrators that are going to bring real fun moments in bed. Just like other vibrators, clean it properly with water and soap, dry it completely, and then use it again.


Silicone Sex Doll

If men had known that dolls are just for playing and nothing else, they are dwelling in a world of myths. Thailandsextoy brings an astonishing range of silicone dolls that would seduce men to no end. The dolls are not just hot but irresistible in terms of their look and appeal. The collection here says it all.
What should be kept in mind is that although the dolls are made of silicone, they should still be cleaned well before penetration. The genitals are quite lifelike and men would feel good to stroke.


Cock Ring

If erection had been a question and tormenting your mental peace, a cock ring would any day be a savior. These rings when around the penis make it harder in a quick time. There are usually no comfort issues for the wearer.
Gently wear the ring around your dick and wait for the magic to happen. Men can be assured to get safe and satisfactory results from this product.

So, now you know why these sex toys in Thailand are so special and how they can drive one’s sex life towards betterment. 

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about 1 year
Alex R.
Taste the wildness
These handcuffs take my sessions to a different level. I love wearing these handcuffs. It does not inflict any pain while wearing the cuffs. It comes with a lock system for which my partner can easily open and lock it.
about 1 year
Sornram T.
Super dildo
This anal dildo is a super toy for my anal sessions. I have started loving my anal sessions. This toy is highly flexible and can bend up to great extents. The dildo gives me limitless pleasure making my wild fantasies come true.
about 1 year
Kaiwan W.
Great!! I am delighted now
Amazing! Yes I am bound to start like this. All the limelight goes to the cream that has helped me to increase my undersized penis. The effect is visible within a month. I have used it daily and today I have the best result.
about 1 year
Nadech K.
Great experiment with this toy
Lovely, I have the opportunity to have a cock ring that has made me confident in bed than before. It is a elastic product that slowly expands without hurting my penis. I am glad with the brilliant toy that makes me go pro in bed.
about 1 year
Boriboon C.
Incredible sleeve
Such a good quality sleeve at such a price is unbelievable. While ordering I doubted the quality but after receiving it I was surprised by the quality. Wearing this sleeve gives me ultimate amount of pleasure. The veins of the sleeves adds extra stimulation while penetration. It is very easy to maintain the sleeve.
about 1 year
Pairoj J.
Suction Tube Works Fab
Recently my collection of sex toys has been updated. I bought a bathmate penis extender device that is unique and has a suction base that covers the whole penis and tantalize the whole area including my testicles. My hands are now used to put it on and off and the work is done by the efficient device.
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