How To Order

The procedures to shop online for sex toys from Thailandsextoy are very easy:

Procedure 1: Ordering through Website

·         Visit

·         Choose a product you want to buy from your desired category

·         Once the product is chosen, click on Add to Cart

·         Once your shopping cart is updated, click on “Proceed to checkout

·         Fill up the Personal Information page

·         Choose the payment method you want to pay

·         Your Order is placed

Procedure 2: Ordering through a Sales Representative on Call

·         Visit

·         Go to the left-bottom of the page and call on the Telephone number provided in that section

·         Talk to our Sales Executive and request for an order

·         Your details will be verified by the Sales Executive before placing the order

·         Once verified, your order will be placed

Any one of the above two shopping procedures will help you shop with ease at Thailandsextoy. For any queries, feel free to call us.