Terms and Conditions

The online service agreement of our website, thailandsextoy.com, lays down some terms and conditions. Those who want to visit our site must read and understand these carefully. Here are the following terms and conditions that must be followed under all circumstances:

  •          The user should be 18 and above - Prior to accepting an order at Thailand Sex Toy, it would be first confirmed that the user is 18 years of age and above. Once it is confirmed, the order will be taken into consideration. However, if the user is found having not qualified his/her age limit, the order will then and there be canceled. Therefore, the user must necessarily specify his/her actual age to ensure that the order is placed successfully.


  •          Report us within 48 hours - If the customer, under any circumstance, finds that he/she has received the wrong product, it must be reported to us within 48 hours. Failing to inform within 48 hours will result in the cancellation of the request for returning the order.


  •          Products to be replaced and not refunded - The customer can always send a request for returning a product if it seems inappropriate. In such cases, the product will be replaced. However, no request for money refunds will be granted.


  •          Fresh products only - Thailand Sex Toy prohibits used products. As a result, any sort of request from a customer for any sort of used product will not be accepted. As health, hygiene and sexual wellness are what we ensure, we accept return requests for only fresh products.


  •          Products only for personal Use - We deal in products exclusively for personal purpose and not for any commercial reasons. Therefore, we always advise our customers not to use any of our products with a third party.


  •          Damage by the user not to be considered - If the parcel delivered by us undergoes no damage but the customer later damages it, no return request will be accepted. Also, we would not be accountable for taking these cases into consideration.