Let Long-Distance Sex Toys Improve Your Relationship


Science and technology have not only made it possible to launch rockets and build missiles but have also contributed well towards serving the sex toy industry. A good number of people in Thailand are talking about app control vibrators for the past few months. One reason is this erotic gadget has made lovemaking possible from long distances.

What one needs is just a smartphone along with the app control device. The application needs to be installed into the phone and the Bluetooth mode is to be activated. You can then be in any city and enjoy getting those vibrations on your genitals. In other words, you can forget about having sex on bed because the app control vibrator is making the miracles happen.

An emergent online sex toy store in Thailand, Thailandsextoy has brought some sensational app control vibrators. These are certainly worth using and also a new approach to lovemaking among couples.

How to Use an App Control Vibrator?

An app control vibrator is none other than an advanced bullet vibrator. A smartphone user can make the right use of it. Once he installs the relevant application and connects the Bluetooth mode on his phone, the other use from the other end will be able to apply it on herself.

Usually what happens is that the man does the operation by means of his smartphone. On the other hand, the girl takes full advantage of the aftereffects. By being absent from each other physically, they can still do a foreplay session with this magical long-distance lovemaking device. 

The app control vibrator also has alternating vibration speeds and patterns. This would make the experience more intense and worth enjoying. So, no matter how much distance is there between the two partners, the app control vibrator will wipe off all differences.

Thailandsextoy has the Best App Control Vibrators

No matter where you are in Thailand or any other city in Thailand, you can place an online order for an app control vibrator.

Here are a few of these:


The Lovense Lush Wireless Bluetooth App Vibrator is a stylish and new-age sex toy for women, and assures to give lovemaking a new dimension. It is great for solo performances, discreet public play and even foreplay.


Safe yet user-friendly, powerful yet elegant, the Irena I Smartphone Controlled Vibrator can nurture your long distance bond. Compatible with all sorts of smartphone models, this vibrator is USB rechargeable. With a very simple interface, it is a great innovation for couples willing to unite from different places.


The Lush 2 Remote Control Vibrator brings you a fine wireless experience wires and assures complete convenience in its operation. Equipped with a very powerful motor, it results in strong vibrations. With simple touch buttons and fine compatibility, it is a worthy device any day for couples.


Final Words

So, you can now have an awesome time despite staying away from your partner. Just get an app control vibrator and get on with your game mode. Make sure to get the right application installed and she will be yours.

You can choose to buy an app control vibrator online at Thailandsextoy and get it discreetly at your doorstep.

If required, you can always approach our customer care team for assistance.

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